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Here is our unique menu

All our burgers are served with fries & Circle's special mayo dip. We only use 100% beef; the beef & chicken in our burgers is locally sourced.

We use the best grade imported flour from Italy for our pizza dough; the dough is made fresh everyday & is topped with Circle's unique tomato sauce & Italian Mozzarella.

Stacked Caprese (V) (for sharing) 4.50

Chunky sliced tomatoes, mozzarella,fresh basil & balsamic glaze

Fresh Bread (V) (for sharing) 5.50

Home-made bread, olives, sun blushed tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & olive oil

Olives (V) (for sharing) 7.00

Large Italian green olives, Greek kalamata olives, black olive tapenade & fresh bread

Without fresh bread 5.50 Antipasti Board (for sharing) 11.50

Selection of Italian cured meats, artichoke,olives, parmesan, sun blushed tomato with greens & fresh bread

Baked Camembert (for sharing) 9.50

With home-made flat bread & red onion jam

Garlic Bread (V) (for sharing) half: 3.00 Garlic infused olive oil, fresh parsley, full: 4.80

garnished with fresh rocket

Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) (for sharing) half: 4.00 Our garlic bread with mozzarella & cheddar full: 6.50 Tomato Bruschetta (V) (for sharing) half: 4.50 Cherry tomato, vine tomato, sun blushed full: 7.50

tomato, red onion, basil & garlic infused olive oil


Served with garlic bread & fries

Chicken 12.00 Fillet 14.00 'The Twins' Fillet Steak Feast 21.00

Two pieces of 4oz fillet steak, Mediterranean grilled vegetables, sauteed mixed mushrooms, served with fries and fresh rocket.

Choice of Pepper sauce or Dolcelatte sauce.

Chicken Souvlaki 9.50

With tzatziki, house cabbage salad and fries

Greek Salad (V) 7.50

Served with seasonal green leaves, vine tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese with an olive oil & fresh lemon juice dressing

Char-Grilled Chicken and Crispy Bacon 9.50

Served with seasonal green leaves, balsamic dressing, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion & shaved parmesan

Substitute Chicken with Sliced Fillet Steak 4.00 Warm Goats Cheese Salad (V) 8.50

With seasonal green leaves, beetroot, tomato, red onion and balsamic dressing

Choice of Penne or Linguine Arrabiata (V) 8.50

With chilli, red onion, olives, Circle's own tomato sauce & red wine

Mushroom (V) 8.50

With mixed mushrooms, basil olive oil, cream & white wine

Pasta alla Norma (V) 9.00

With grilled aubergine, capers and Circle’s tomato sauce topped with feta and basil

Circle's Home Made Beef Lasagne 9.50

Served with garlic bread

Bolognese 9.50

Cooked with locally sourced beef

Char-Grilled Chicken 10.50

With mixed mushrooms, bell pepper, Circle’s own tomato sauce, red wine, onion & cream

Char-Grilled Chicken Pesto 10.50

With mixed mushrooms, Circle’s own pesto, onion & white wine

Carbonara 9.50

Home made Carbonara sauce with smokey pancetta and parmesan

Rocket salad 2.50

with red onion, shavings of parmesan & balsamic dressing

Cabbage salad 2.20

Shredded cabbage mixed with couscous and a red wine vinegar dressing

‘Skin on’ fries 2.30

All of our meat and fresh veg is locally sourced and seasonal where possible.
Meat from Clive Lancaster & Sons and fresh produce from Raw Bingham.
Our 5oz beef patties are hand pressed and made using only aged, high quality ground beef. Usually served slightly pink, if yours needs a little longer just let us know!
All served with skin on fries and Circle’sspecial sauce dip. Fancy a change? Swap fries for our House Cabbage Salad.

The Classic Burger 8.50

Beef, chunky sliced tomato & Circle’s own special sauce

American Burger 10.50

Beef, double cheese, sliced red onion, gherkins, beetroot, mustard, ketchup & mayo

Big Hug from The Circle 11.50

Beef, smoked bacon, cheese, caramelised onion, gherkins, beetroot, sliced tomato, seasonal green leaves & Circle’s own special sauce

Fillet Steak Burger 13.50

Fillet Steak (the best bit), caramelised onion, saut􀀀ed mushrooms, mature cheddar, fresh rocket & Circle’s own special sauce

The Classic Chicken Burger 8.50

Char-grilled chicken breast, seasonal green leaves & mayo The Circle ‘With a Kick’ 10.00

Char- grilled chicken breast, seasonal green leaves, avocado, cheese, chilli & mayo

The Circle Club Burger 10.50

Char-grilled chicken breast, smoked bacon, seasonal green leaves, avocado, cheese & mayo

Halloumi Burger (V) 9.00

Grilled halloumi, black olive tapenade, avocado, Fresh rocket, tomato & mayo

Add fillet steak 5.50 Add a patty 3.00 Add grilled halloumi 1.50 Add smoked bacon 1.50

Proved over night for a high-quality crust & flavour, our pizza dough is also made using the highest-grade flour from Italy. All hand stretched & always made to order!

The Circle 7.90

Mozzarella, Circle's tomato sauce, fresh basil & cheery tomato

The Big Bang 10.50

Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, bell peppers,red onion, fresh rocket & olive oil

The Triple P (Pulled Pork Pizza) 11.00

Pulled pork, mature cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, cherry tomatoes & olives

The Fancy Pants 13.50

Fillet steak, asparagus, Dolcelatte cheese, caramelised onion and rocket

Italian Job 9.50

Parma ham, mozzarella, fresh rocket,olive oil & shavings of parmesan

The Spicy Gonzalez 10.50

Pepperoni, salami, jalapenos, mushrooms, red onion & chilli

The Veggie Circle (V) 9.50

Mozzarella, olives, red onion, mushrooms,sun blushed tomatoes, bell pepper, capers,fresh basil & Circle’s own pesto

The Melanzane (V) 9.00

Grilled aubergine, chilli, Dolcelatte cheese, garlic oil and rocket

Extra Toppings: 1.00 Add Steak Fillet: 5.50 Add Pulled Pork: 2.00 Add grilled chicken: 2.00

All served with fries, fresh fruit juice (apple/orange)& ice cream

Kids Burger 6.50

Beef or chicken, cheese, sauce (Ketchup, Smokey BBQ or Mayo)

Kids Bolognese 6.50

Home-made beef Bolognese with penne pasta

Kids Pizza 6.50

Mozzarella and The Circle's Tomato Sauce

Extra toppings £1.00 Kids Lasagne 6.50
Yorvale Yorkshire Ice-cream 2 Scoops 3.50

Please ask a member of staff for Extra Scoop 1.50

flavours available

Chocolate Brownie 4.80

Served with vanila ice cream or cream

Warm Belgian Waffle 4.80

Served with vanila ice cream

Affogato 4.00

Vanilla ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso

Tiramisu 5.00
Espresso 1.80 / 2.00
Macchiato 1.90 / 2.10
Americano 2.20
Latte 2.30
Cappuccino 2.30
Flat white 2.50
Mocha 2.60
Hot chocolate 2.40
Chai Latte 2.50
Babycino 0.50
Add an extra shot, marshmallows, syrup or cream 0.50
Cup of tea 1.50
Pot of tea 2.20
Pot of herbal tea 2.40

Ask about our selection of herbal teas

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Order & Collect

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Circle To Go

We offer all our great dishes for take-out. To order call us on 01949 836888 and it will be ready for you to pick up.


We use Vegware for all our take-out packaging. This means that all the packaging is made from renewable, low carbon, recycled and sustainably sourced materials and is fully compostable.

We offer all our great dishes for take-out. To order call us on 01949 836888

The Eatery's History

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Why you'll Love it ?

We ensure that each and every burger is provided with freshly prepared and exquisitely cooked ingredients, ready to beguile your appetite and incite your desire for more. At The Circle Eatery, we are all about pleasing the customer – we guarantee you won’t hesitate to explore some more of the thrilling meals we have to offer!

When we can, we buy locally. All our meat is purchased from Clive Lancaster & Son Butchers, and a majority of our fruits and vegetables is from RAW Fruit & Veg. All our take-out packaging is from Vegware and is created from renewable, low carbon, recycled and sustainably sourced materials and is fully compostable.

Enliven your experience at The Circle with the taste of our freshly cut lettuce leaves, ensuring that the crispy yet soft texture of your burger will remain faultless.
Let us bring your American Dream to life – The Circle's burgers are filled with the finest cheeses inspired by the traditional style of America, allowing your burger to be caressed by the tender melange of beef and cheese in a stunning sandwich.
Let us introduce to you our exotic and unique mayo chilli and herb sauce, rich with flavour and possessing the perfect texture for your Circle burger that will leave you savouring more.

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